Three C-ecret Fat Burning Spices

These “C-ecret” spices can speed up your metabolism, help you burn calories, and fight unwanted fat. Here are three of my favorite spices that have fat-fighting components.

Cayenne- is a red pepper with a spicy kick, ready to help melt away fat. It produces heat in the body through thermogenesis. This leads to an increase in metabolism and calorie burn.

*What is thermogenesis? It is the production of heat within the bodySpices stimulate thermogenesis in our bodies, that can help speed up our metabolism in order to burn fat.

  • Cayenne Idea: Add to your homemade salsa or mix it in with tofu on your next taco dinner night!

Curry Powder– contains a powerful spice called turmeric that has been used to help with weight loss. Turmeric aids in burning fat due to its ability to speed up the digestion process and suppress appetite.

  • Curry Idea: Add curry powder to any soups or chili for extra flavor and spice (and fat burn of course)!

Cinnamon- also stimulates thermogenesis, but may also help burn sugar in the body.

* Researchers at the United State Department of Agriculture stated that by adding a little cinnamon to your food or drink can burn up to 20 times the amount of sugar than if you hadn’t eaten it with cinnamon. This is important because if we don’t use the sugar we consume for energy, it is then stored as fat.

  • Cinnamon Idea:  I add cinnamon to my oatmeal every day, mostly for the wonderful taste, but also for the fat burning benefits, fiber, and protein that it contains.

Cinnamon and cayenne are my favorite spices! Which one is yours?

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