Health Benefits of Black Coffee

Whether you are just beginning, hit a plateau in your routine or looking for the next edge in your nutrition regimen, think small changes. Small changes can be the jump-start to get your journey back on track. If you need some help deciding on a small change, try this out!

Choose Black Coffee!

Instead of drinking a sugar and calorie loaded coffee beverage, try drinking black coffee!  I myself and many of my clients have made the switch and have had fun with it.

Try these steps:

1. Skip Starbucks and try roasters like Stumptown, Coava, BlueBottle. It may be little more expensive but so worth it. If you don’t have these options close by, order online from the images below!

2. Try coffee beans from different countries such as Guatemala, Mexico and my personal favorite Costa Rica.

3. Explore light, medium, medium-dark and dark bold roasts. There is a change in flavor, spice and even caffeine content between these variations. I attached an article at the bottom for more details on this!

4. Last but not least try these in iced and hot coffee to find out how you prefer it. 

There are so many more options for you to explore but start with these and then branch out. Before you know it you may just appreciate its pure flavor and realize you don’t need the extra calories to have an enjoyable drink.

Let me know if you have any questions about this. If you need another small change idea, keep an eye out for next weeks tip!

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