Justine’s High-Nutrient Coffee Blended Smoothie

I drink smoothies every day and it’s almost always this one. I have it after a workout, walks, or even just as a mid-morning snack. After workouts, it helps me to feel recovered but mostly it makes me feel full and healthy as it’s packed with fiber and nutrients. (Oh yeah and protein for all those peeps who are afraid of protein deficiency. LOL vegan joke.) My high-nutrient smoothie is thick, creamy, healthy, and delicious! I hope you enjoy it or can turn it into your own favorite smoothie by adding your favorite nut milk, and favorite leafy green.

To be prepared for this smoothie make sure you have at least one medium zucchini chopped and frozen. Below is a photo of three of them chopped and then placed in my Kollea reusable snack bags.

Justine’s High-Nutrient Coffee Blended Smoothie:

4 oz coffee – I use half 1/2 decaf 1/2 regular
4 oz of favorite nut milk
1 scoop of Sun Warrior vanilla protein powder
1 chopped and frozen zucchini
1 tbsp of fresh ground flaxseed
Handful of spinach
Sweetener of choice (I don’t use sweetener- I like the bitterness because it makes it taste more like a coffee beverage than a sweet smoothie ~ I’m weird, I know!)
Blend until smooth

If you are heading to work or to run errands I recommend pouring your delicious smoothie into a to-go coffee mug so it stays cold while you are out and about. I use the Simple Modern Brand and love it! It stays cold for hours!

Let me know what you think of Justine’s High-Nutrient Coffee Blended Smoothie! Cheers!


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