Maintain-Not-Gain this Thanksgiving

Tis’ the season of weight gain! Thanksgiving than Christmas, setting us up for New Year’s resolutions we desperately need after months of diet destruction. What do you think about getting a jumpstart on your NY resolution? Would it be nice to avoid the usual 5 to 10-pound increase?

Join me in making a dedicated goal to maintain-not-gain over the holiday! Here are my tips to help you avoid the unwanted thanksgiving day weight gain!

1. Be prepared for party temptations!

  • Before a party, have a healthy fat and protein-packed snack. This will help you avoid cravings and indulging in the unhealthy plates. I recommend a handful of trail mix or apples with almond butter.
  • If asked to bring a dish to the party, prepare a healthy one. If you arrive at a house full of unhealthy items you know you can fill up on your dish. My favorite veggie dish is always brussel sprouts and you can’t beat a beautiful kale salad. Both are sure to be crowd-pleasers. Double or triple recipes if you have a big party to attend.

2. Limit alcohol consumption.

  • Watch your alcohol intake. Its loaded with extra calories and sugar. Worst of all, whatever you eat while drinking will get stored away until it processes through the alcohol. Stick to one or two alcoholic drinks with a lot of water in between.

3. Set up a workout schedule…and stick to it!

  • Make a workout schedule for the entire week, month or next couple months and stick with it. (This will get you ready for your New Year resolutions). If something comes up and gets in the way of a workout, then make up for it the next day.
  • Make exercise a priority and you might just maintain-not-gain or even better, lose fat this holiday season!

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