Keeping your Fitness Resolution

Whether it’s the start of February or middle of summer if you are working on a resolution or healthy lifestyle change don’t give up today or ever! Life tries to get in the way and often times (lets be honest) WE LET IT! I and many others are guilty of little lies and excuses to talk ourselves out of a wonderful routine that can save our lives. Start doing these tricks to maintain your routine and focus on keeping your Fitness Resolution!

Jot it Down – Go buy a inexpensive yet eye appealing journal to open multiple times per day. Write down the following, to create awareness of habits and accountability to yourself.

  • Every little thing you eat from the stevia you put in your coffee to the second glass of wine you had at dinner.
  • Log whatever exercise and movement you did for the day. Such as the walk around your office building to your trip to the gym (and what you did at the gym).
  • Emotions and feelings are important to log. You may look back and realize wow I always felt great after my morning swim. Keep doing that! Or I always felt tired after I ate the bowl of white rice. Stop doing that!

Add in Weight Training- Results are hard to come by when you aren’t doing some type of weight or resistance training. I know this is typical news coming from a personal training but there are reasons behind that!

  • Weight loss and Toning- By building muscle through resistance or weight training your body has to work over-time to keep the muscles repairing and growing. Which means more calories and fat being burned. Enough said… lets hit the weight room!!
  • Weight or Muscle gain- Lets say you are one of the types that just can’t put on weight or you want to see some muscles on that scrawny body. Well you aren’t going to get there by just eating thousands of calories. In that case, you will just add fat to your body or nothing at all. You must weight train to build layers of muscle tissue along with eating the proper amount of calories for weight gain. See below.

**Below I posted a link for both sections (whether you are losing weight and toning or Weight and muscle gain) with a calculator to help you figure out calorie amounts along with protein, fat and carb needs.

Join a Club or Team- This could mean a variety of options.

  • Grab your best friend to be your buddy system. I’m sure he or she would love to exercise with you!
  • Join a running, swimming, tennis or yoga club. There are so many groups to join that could create a fun environment of fitness while making healthy friends along the way.
  • Join a gym to gain access to quality equipment, a lively environment and advice all in once spot.
  • Ask a trainer for help. Yes again, coming from a personal trainer! It’s true though. . . how do you plan to be successful if you don’t have the right tools or specific knowledge on how to get there. Test a couple trainers out and find the one thats right for you!

Be the person you want to be and make it happen this year. You know if you give up this year you will have to start all over next year and who knows you may be further behind. Remember that YES It is hard! BUT it is hard for Everyone! Pushing through the rough spots will make you stronger and soon you will have developed a lifelong habit. Happy and healthy will soon be part of your very nature!

Thanks for reading my tips! Stay in touch and let me know how your journey is going.


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