Improve your Fitness Mindset

Try These Small Changes that can Lead to Big Results

Committing to a healthy lifestyle takes consistency and dedication. You have to find what makes you happy in an active lifestyle and go for it with everything you’ve got. Try these steps to improve your fitness mindset.

1. Set small goals and have a game plan to get you there. For example, make a realistic weight loss goal for one month and make small changes to get there. To get you started, try switching to stevia from sugar to eliminate extra calories, and parking your car far away from the grocery store entrance to burn extra calories.

2. Pick exercises and foods that make you happy and feel great. Do you love yoga but not cross-fit, then don’t do cross-fit! Commit to your yoga practice and go regularly to reap the benefits. If you want to up the intensity try a hot yoga or power yoga class for extra toning benefits.

3. Have a family member of friend join you on the journey to a healthy lifestyle. Having someone or a team will keep you accountable.

4. Try adding supplements to your diet to improve mood and energy. Discuss with your doctor about what you may need to supplement with. Below I also attached an article to help you learn more about different vitamins and minerals.

More info regarding vitamins and minerals:

My favorite supplements:

  • Plant protein – I use this once a day for a post workout drink or add to a smoothie for a meal replacement.
  • 5HTP – improves mood and helps control appetite.
  • Vitamin D – I use a liquid form for better absorption.
  • Probiotic – gut health and digestion are important in overall health.

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