5 Vegan Foods for Energy

Do you ever feel like caffeine just isn’t cutting it? Eating the right foods and at the right times may help with energy levels and even your metabolism. Take a look below at these delicious vegan foods for energy to power you through your busy day!

Brown rice and other whole grains are great side dishes to your veggies. They have the healthy fiber and protein we need to stay energized for the long-haul. Need a little comfort food in your life but don’t want to wreck your diet?  Try adding a warm bowl of oatmeal to your breakfast or brown rice with lime and cilantro as a side to your veggie salad.

Fruit like apples, bananas, and oranges have a solid dose of glucose that is used for energy efficiency while the fiber makes us feel full and satisfied. The other benefit to fruit is it can help curb the common-sweet tooth cravings. There is no excuse not to take advantage of this energy booster. Fruit is easy to take to-go and blending them up for a smoothie almost tastes like dessert. (See the next energy-food for a smoothie idea)

Spinach and other leafy greens contain certain vitamins and minerals that fight tired eyes and even depression. Can’t stand green veggies, no problem! Blend them up with your favorite fruits, a little almond milk, Tbsp cocoa powder, and, ice. You will quickly forget there are any greens inside.

Almonds and other nuts have so much to offer with all the macronutrients in one punch. Add a rounded Tbsp of dried fruit like raisins to a handful of your favorite nuts to get a combo of slow and fast releasing energy for when you need it!

Legumes like black beans and edamame contain protein but also fiber and carbohydrates that many other proteins are lacking. Legumes will keep you satisfied for hours to come.

See also edamame benefits:  http://www.nutritiousgossip.com/miracle-veggie…mame-nutrition/

Do you have other snack ideas that boost your energy? Please share!

Hope this information helps you in one way or another. Please let me know if you have questions!

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