Foods to Lose Belly Fat

Let’s discuss the idea of how eating certain foods gives you a smaller waist. I see headlines and articles and books about it everywhere. I’m guilty like many of you, thinking every article may be the answer to the perfect body.

Unfortunately, though, we have to remind ourselves that our bodies just don’t work like that. It comes down to overall healthy lifestyle including clean eating, proper exercise and leading an active life in general. You also need to sleep more and worry less to keep the stress levels from going attack mode on your core.

Now if we are just talking about the food and supplement aspect (because I know that’s what you all want to hear about) then here are some staples to keep in the house.

Monounsaturated fatty acids- found in delicious foods like olive oil, avocado, and dark chocolate have shown positive results for belly fat. One study found that a group of people on a high MUFA diet had lost more belly fat compared to the high carbohydrate diet whom actually gained weight in the abdominal area.

*Think Mediterranean diet or other healthy fat, low to moderate carbohydrate diet. My favorite snack including these mono-healthy-fats are macadamia nuts. Hearty and delicious! But really keep an eye on portion size because they will sneak up on you.


*Also note that fats are higher in calories so just because they are good for belly fat that doesn’t mean you can have as much of it as you want. Watch your portion sizes as to not exceed daily caloric needs. If you are unsure of your daily calorie needs, then See the link at the bottom of the page!


BCAA supplement-  Branch chain amino acids are essential nutrients that we get by eating healthy proteins. These amino acids, help maintain muscles and prevent muscle breakdown during exercise. It can be taken in liquid or pill form. They are great for pre-workout, during workout or post workout. This isn’t a miracle supplement but when used properly with diet and exercise it can enhance your core tightening results by maintaining muscle while burning off fat.

*Try Micro Ingredients Plant-Based Bcaa’s if you are interested in trying this supplement. After much research, this is the best brand I’ve found so far; with no artificial colors, no sugar, and no calories! Also if you practice intermittent fasting or fasting cardio this is a Must have in my opinion.

Parsley- no need to sit in a sauna for hours. recommends eating parsley to help you reduce belly bloat. It has a similar reaction as a diuretic and can help your waist slim down.

*Don’t like parsley? Try dandelion tea. It has great de-bloating benefits and it’s also very soothing and stress-relieving!

Heat/Spice- Chowing down on spicy foods may act as an appetite suppressant slowing you down during a meal. Spices like ginger, cayenne, and black pepper have been known to speed metabolism up to a higher rate during and shortly after your meal. Spice it up to save and burn calories all in one punch.

*I like to make my own thermogenic blends with chili pepper, cayenne, cumin, and turmeric. I put them in a separate container all mixed so I can saute or sprinkle my food whenever needed.

Protein- Adding a little protein to each meal or snack can help maintain muscle and help you build and sustain that lean core you’ve always wanted.

*Remember that protein can be found in more than just a slice of meat. Think grains, nuts, and seeds to help increase your protein intake.


Coach J

P.S.  In case you missed the beginning of the article… There are other important factors that come into play when losing body fat and that is a plan including both diet, exercise and a low-stress lifestyle. It’s always good to start making healthy food choices while staying consistently active. High-intensity interval training is a great way to get results fast!

Need help finding your calorie needs?


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