Nike Fitness Gear Review

Nike has great stuff! I’ve always had good luck with my Nike purchases. Here’s what I can tell you…

Pull over training jacket: Black – sleek and looks really nice over fitness gear. Great for cool weather but not gonna cut for cold winter weather. It has the thumb slots so you can keep your hands warm and it can be zipped all the way to the top of your neck, if needed. I like how this jacket isn’t flashy at all. It is fitted and like I said before, very sleek.

Shoes: Nike trainers and all of their running shoes are great. Light weight and durable. I have narrow feet and they fit snug and comfortable so my only concern is for those who have wider feet this may not be the best option. The amount of padding on the bottom might be less than what you find in other shoes as well so if you have heel problems or need that extra cushioning be sure you try before you buy.

My Next Purchase: Nike Tech Pullover Fleece Hoodie. Yes I loved my last pull over so much I’m going to try another one. Pricey…yes but I think it will be worth it and if it lasts like my other jacket then it’s definitely worth it!

Hope this helps with your next Nike purchase!


Coach J

P.S: I thought this would be a helpful topic for people shopping for fitness clothes and gear since I pretty much live in it. I am a personal trainer and when I’m not training I am most likely exercising on my own. I thought I might be the right person to share my opinions on all the different fitness gear, clothing, equipment etc that I’ve tried. Stay tuned to here more about other brands and products I’ve used.



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