Fall Vegetarian Soup

This fall vegetarian Soup is perfect for cleansing, warming and gaining a nutrient packed comfort meal! This has just the right balance of protein, healthy fat and fiber that I love in all my meals and can’t wait to share it with you!

Start by cooking 1/4 cup of brown rice; preferably basmati rice!

Chop half a block of tofu into little squares

Season with 1tbsp olive oil

20131009_1506251tbsp of curry powder

1tbsp soy sauce low sodium of course

Then chop red onions as fine as you prefer

Next we add beautiful kale; cleaned and torn into little pieces.

Put all ingredients into a big container

Proceed with low sodium veggie broth adding 2 cups to the container

Then add water; just enough to reach the top of all the ingredients so everything will be soaking gracefully!

Last but not least add garlic. I added a tablespoon. You can add more or less per preference.

One thing I did add last minute was sprouted quinoa that I had started a couple days prior and thought would be a healthy addition


This all adds up to approximately 600 calories.

I then divided it into three separate containers so I have three 200 calorie snacks or meals ready to be warmed and eaten at any given moment!!

This reminds me of miso soup that you get at Japanese restaurants. I think mine is a bit healthier though;) Enjoy!!





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