Easy Ways to Speed Up Your Metabolism

Throughout the day try to be mindful of little decisions that could make a big difference in your metabolism. Have I had enough water today? Maybe I should have a green tea instead of the second cup of coffee! Here are of my favorite ways to boost my metabolism daily. 

Start Lunging – When you lunge, your abs, butt and almost all of your leg muscles engage to help perform the exercise. The more muscles being used, the more calories you burn.
Idea: Try side lunges, walking lunges and even lunge jumps. For more variations and exercise instructions check out the link below.

Detox with flaxseed – flaxseeds provide the perfect addition to your favorite meal. They contain antioxidants, fiber, and healthy fats. See link below for more information and ways to eat flaxseed.

Eat Grapefrui– Have as a mid-morning snack to curb your appetite until lunch. They are high in fiber and water while also being low on the glycemic index. This will help avoid a spike in your blood sugar.

Tip: Eat with cinnamon on top to further boost your metabolism and ease the bitterness of the grapefruit.

Try Something New – Variety in a workout regimen can enhance results by incorporating new muscles and preventing boredom from a routine. It will also help prevent injury from overuse. To start, use the variations of a lunge suggested above and then progress to adding weight.

Replace Chips with Pumpkin Seeds – They have the healthy fats we need without the added oils and refined carbohydrates that are in our favorite chips.

Suggestion: I found pumpkin seeds in the shell at Trader Joe’s. They are light, crunchy and dusted with sea salt. 15 oz bag for only $3!

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