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Fabletics Fitness Gear Review

Fit Gear Review- Fabletic’s

I may ramble on about this one but there is a little more to this place than meets the eye. Other than the fact that they will reel you in and you will probably spend more than you like there, Fabletic’s stuff is pretty good! The other thing is it’s affordable (if you can control yourself).

Jennifer Hudson’s clothing line, Fabletics is designed for you to wear stylish fitness clothing and be able to do it affordably. To get the VIP perks and the discounted rates you have to become a member. Along with that you have to keep an eye on your account. Every month on the fifth they take $50 from your account and you can choose to save it, skip a month or use that credit. You can buy other stuff separately but most likely you will end up spending that 50 every month and maybe then some.

Just a heads if you decide this isn’t for you  and go to cancel, be ready to stand your ground. They will offer you points and MAKE you want to stay. Believe me, it took three times of me calling to lock in my cancellation. If you love the clothes though and 50 dollars a month on fitness clothing isn’t a problem than you found your spot. For me I wanted the freedom to shop everywhere and I felt like I could only shop at Fabletics since I was already spending money there. Anyway here is what I can tell you about a few of their fitness attire items I’ve tried:

Vaasa Sports Bra: Mulberry Color. The color is not what it appears on the screen but its still pretty:) Just more of a darker pink like fuscia. This is a very light support bra and I love it for when I am training clients or . But running and jumping is out of question.

Nadi Legging: Camo color. This has been an amazing purchase. I love the way they hug my legs. Even when I’ve worn them awhile they keep there shape. The camo is fun and stylish and I get compliments on them every time I wear them.

Twist back top: I purchased a long sleeve shirt thats reversible and twists in either the front or back depending on mood. Last I checked it was out of stock or discontinued. I really like the look of this shirt. It’s sexy and light-weight. I can wear it with sports clothes or with jeans. Bad news is every time I wash it, it changes shape slightly (like most cotton items:)

All in all Fabletics is worth trying and I hope this helps with your next Fitness Gear Purchase!!

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P.S: I thought this would be a helpful topic for people shopping for fitness clothes and gear since I pretty much live in it. I am a personal trainer and when I’m not training I am most likely exercising on my own. I thought I might be the right person to share my opinions on all the different fitness gear, clothing, equipment etc that I’ve tried. Stay tuned to here more about other brands and products I’ve used.