Best Detox Foods

Are you still feeling a little sluggish from all of the Thanksgiving food? Me too, but I have some secrets to share on how I get my system up and running again. Below is four of the best detox foods I love to get my hands on.

Mung Beans: have been used in Chinese and Indian cultures for thousands of years. This rarely heard of bean can detox your digestion in no time. They are crazy high in fiber, helping detox and increase digestion. It’s also packed with protein and has a slow energy release to help keep your metabolism moving for much longer than normal.

When I am detoxing I use mung bean in my chili! Just add a cup in your regular recipe or swap it out in place of another bean you might use. They soften up nicely and add great texture.Seaweed salad

Seaweed: Please start eating seaweed—especially when you need to detox. It is full of magnesium, fiber and a long list of minerals that flush your system.

See this link to make your own seaweed salad and learn more about this healthy miracle food. Another way to eat seaweed is by purchasing roasted seaweed snacks. You can find them at your local whole foods store. Delish!


Pak ChoyBok choy: I swear it tastes just like broccoli when it is cooked. It is part of the cabbage family and is packed with all of the antioxidants and even more of the system cleansing properties than other types of cabbage. It has been known for its ability to fight inflammation with its powerful abundance of vitamins and minerals.

I like to add bok choy to my soup and salads, but for another wonderful recipe take a look at this bok choy recipe.

Asparagus: I know, finally one you’re familiar with! Asparagus is known to be a diuretic and to have laxative effects. Your kidneys and digestive tract will appreciate its cleaning abilities.

My favorite way is to steam them for a short time with sesame or coconut oil. Sprinkle with garlic powder and sea salt.


I hope this article was short and sweet so you can get right to work on that detox. Seriously, it is as easy as adding these healing ingredients to the recipes you already eat. Who needs a painful, gut-wrenching juice cleanse when you have delicious detoxing meals to eat!

See, she isn’t too happy right now. LOL!

Good Luck! Let me know how it goes, and if you enjoyed the foods I mentioned!?

Shante (Peace) and Love,

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