Benefits of Exercising Outside

I love to train outside. The sound of birds chirping, fresh air and sunshine makes the workout feel like it’s exactly what we were meant to do. Which is usually unlike the way we feel when exercising inside. Research shows we might be better off exercising in the great outdoors. 

Reduce Stress Levels and Clear your Mind. Breathing in fresh air can help boost positive endorphins and leave you feeling more relaxed, clear headed and invigorated.

Cleaner oxygen. You can breathe in fresh air, instead of potentially dangerous air from a gym. If your gym isn’t properly ventilated or cleaned well, you may be breathing in toxins.

Save Money. No membership is needed to explore a city park or roam your neighborhood.

Burn more calories and gain more strength. Due to various terrain (hills, steps, uneven ground) and weather (wind mostly), you may use more muscles and gain natural resistance. This can then lead to you burning more calories.

Workout length increases. When nature is surrounding you and there is no clock in front of you ticking down the minutes, your cardio workouts can reach new lengths.

What is your favorite exercise to do outside? How does it make you feel?

Let me know if you have any questions!


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