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Benefits of Exercising Outside

I love to train outside. The sound of birds chirping, fresh air and sunshine makes the workout feel like it’s exactly what we were meant to do. Which is usually unlike the way we feel when exercising inside. Research shows we might be better off exercising in the great outdoors.

Reduce Stress Levels and Clear your Mind. Breathing in fresh air can help boost positive endorphins and leave you feeling more relaxed, clear headed and invigorated.

Cleaner oxygen. You can breathe in fresh air, instead of potentially dangerous air from a gym. If your gym isn’t properly ventilated or cleaned well, you may be breathing in toxins.

Save Money. No membership is needed to explore a city park or roam your neighborhood.

Burn more calories and gain more strength. Due to various terrain (hills, steps, uneven ground) and weather (wind mostly), you may use more muscles and gain natural resistance. This can then lead to you burning more calories.

Workout length increases. When nature is surrounding you and there is no clock in front of you ticking down the minutes, your cardio workouts can reach new lengths.

What is your favorite exercise to do outside? How does it make you feel?

Let me know if you have any questions!


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Walking After Dinner – a small change for better health.

By adding a 15-20 minute walk after dinner (instead of sitting on the couch) you can expect positive changes to happen!

  • Improves blood sugar
  • Burns calories
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Improves digestion
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Helps prepare your body for sleep
  • May help with weight loss

The hardest part is getting started. Once you are a couple minutes into the walk, you will realize how good it feels to be moving.

Forward the healthy news to your friends and let me know if you have any questions!

More Info:

I am a personal fitness trainer in Downtown Los Angeles. If you are in the area and need any fitness guidance let me know. I would be happy to help! JustFit LA


A Forgotten Factor to Weight Loss

Activities of Daily Life

The activities that make up your daily routine are burning calories and helping you lose weight. Take advantage of these weight loss opportunities. By increasing the intensity of these activities, combined with exercise and diet, can help you reach your weight loss goals faster.

Here are a few fun changes to increase your daily activities.

1. Walk or move while you watch TV. If you want to add fun movements to your walk, watch a Jessica Smith video on YouTube and walk while you watch TV.

2. Take your dog for an extra walk. I’m sure your dog would love the extra walk and so will your body.

3. Take the stairs. Any chance you get to take stairs rather than an elevator or escalator, go for it! This a great way to also spend your break time while at work. Not only will you be burning calories but you will go back to work with more energy than you had before.

4. Power clean your apartment or home. This is probably one of the best ways to burn extra calories. Turn on some music, put on some comfy clothes and get to work!

  • Put some elbow grease into scrubbing your tub. Switch arms so you can work both sides.
  • Engage your core as you sweep and vacuum…and everything else you do!
  • Make a routine out of dusting. Add jumping jacks or pushups in between furniture.
  • Dance to music while you work around your home!

5. Park far from the entrance of the store when shopping.  I’ve mentioned this before but this is a painless way to burn extra calories without having to try.

These lifestyle exercises can be a positive part of your life and improve how you feel with every step, dance and cleaning day you have!

Let me know if you have questions. Have a great weekend!

P.S. I have received some feedback regarding the black coffee article. Some people just can’t drink black coffee and that is ok. Here are a couple ways to drink your coffee without breaking the caloric bank.

  • Switch from a latte to a coffee with milk or dairy free milk. This could decrease calories by the hundreds.

  • Try using stevia or honey instead of white sugar.

  • If you want a latte or high-calorie beverage, understand that these calories need to be taken away from something else. So it needs to be considered a part of your meal.

Thanks again!



Improve your Fitness Mindset

…AND Try These Small Changes that can Lead to Big Results

Committing to a healthy lifestyle takes consistency and dedication. You have to find what makes you happy in an active lifestyle and go for it with everything you’ve got. Try these steps to improve your fitness mindset.

1. Set small goals and have a game plan to get you there. For example, make a realistic weight loss goal for one month and make small changes to get there. To get you started, try switching to stevia from sugar to eliminate extra calories, and parking your car far away from the grocery store entrance to burn extra calories.

2. Pick exercises and foods that make you happy and feel great. Do you love yoga but not cross-fit, then don’t do cross-fit! Commit to your yoga practice and go regularly to reap the benefits. If you want to up the intensity try a hot yoga or power yoga class for extra toning benefits.

3. Have a family member of friend join you on the journey to a healthy lifestyle. Having someone or a team will keep you accountable.

4. Try adding supplements to your diet to improve mood and energy. Discuss with your doctor about what you may need to supplement with. Below I also attached an article to help you learn more about different vitamins and minerals.

More info regarding vitamins and minerals:

My favorite supplements:

  • Plant protein – I use this once a day for a post workout drink or add to a smoothie for a meal replacement.
  • 5HTP – improves mood and helps control appetite.
  • Vitamin D – I use a liquid form for better absorption.
  • Probiotic – gut health and digestion are important in overall health.

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The month of April is almost here and it is bringing us wonderful spring weather. It’s also reminding us how close summer is and how we want to feel confident and ready for beach attire.

I’m offering $25 off of my intro package for clients who live in the Los Angeles area and are looking for fitness guidance.

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Small Changes can Lead to Big Results – Black Coffee

Whether you are just beginning, hit a plateau in your routine or looking for the next edge in your nutrition regimen, think small changes. Small changes can be the jump-start to get your journey back on track. If you need some help deciding on a small change, try this out!

Choose Black Coffee!

Instead of drinking a sugar and calorie loaded coffee beverage, try drinking black coffee!  I myself and many of my clients have made the switch and have had fun with it.

Try these steps:

1. Skip Starbucks and try roasters like Stumptown, Coava, BlueBottle. It may be little more expensive but so worth it. If you don’t have these options close by, order online from the images below!

2. Try coffee beans from different countries such as Guatemala, Mexico and my personal favorite Costa Rica.

3. Explore light, medium, medium-dark and dark bold roasts. There is a change in flavor, spice and even caffeine content between these variations. I attached an article at the bottom for more details on this!

4. Last but not least try these in iced and hot coffee to find out how you prefer it. 

There are so many more options for you to explore but start with these and then branch out. Before you know it you may just appreciate its pure flavor and realize you don’t need the extra calories to have an enjoyable drink.

Let me know if you have any questions about this. If you need another small change idea, keep an eye out for next weeks tip!

Roast Information:


Foods to Lose Belly Fat

Let’s discuss the idea of how eating certain foods gives you a smaller waist. I see headlines and articles and books about it everywhere. I’m guilty like many of you, thinking every article may be the answer to the perfect body.

Unfortunately though, we have to remind ourselves that our bodies just don’t work like that. It comes down to overall healthy lifestyle including clean eating, proper exercise and leading an active life in general. You also need to sleep and worry less to keep the stress levels from going attack mode on your core.

Now if we are just talking about the food and supplement aspect (because I know that’s what you all want to hear about) then here are some staples to keep in the house. From a lot of recent research I’ve done, it seems that keeping the carbohydrates on the lower end and eating plenty of healthy fats along with your protein can make a world of difference in a leaner core, when it comes to diet. But you better not forget what I said above or the following won’t do a darn thing for your body.

Monounsaturated fatty acids- found in delicious foods like olive oil, avocado and dark chocolate have shown positive results for belly fat. One study found that a group of people on a high MUFA diet had lost more belly fat compared to the high carbohydrate diet whom actually gained weight in the abdominal area.

*Think Mediterranean diet or other healthy fat, low to moderate carbohydrate diet. My favorite snack including these mono-healthy-fats are macadamia nuts. Hearty and delicious! But really keep an eye on portion size because they will sneak up on you.

*Also note that fats are higher in calories so just because they are good for belly fat that doesn’t mean you can have as much of it as you want. Watch your portion sizes as to not exceed daily caloric needs. If you are unsure of your daily calorie needs, then See the link at the bottom of the page!

BCAA supplement-  Branch chain amino acids are essential nutrients that we get by eating healthy proteins. These amino acids, help maintain muscles and prevent muscle breakdown during exercise. It can be taken in liquid or pill form. They are great for pre-workout, during workout or post workout. THis isn’t a miracle supplement but when used properly with diet and exercise it can enhance your core tightening results by maintaining muscle while burning off fat.

*Try Modern Bcaa’s if you are interested in trying this supplement. After much research this is the best brand I’ve found so far; with no artificial colors, no sugar and no calories! Also if you practice intermittent fasting or fasting cardio this is a Must have in my opinion.

Parsley- no need to sit in a sauna for hours. recommends eating parsley to help you reduce belly bloat. It has a similar reaction as a diuretic and can help your waist slim down.

*Don’t like parsley? Try dandelion tea. It has great de-bloating benefits and it’s also very soothing and stress-relieving!

Heat/Spice- Chowing down on spicy foods may act as an appetite suppressant slowing you down during a meal. Spices like ginger, cayenne and black pepper have been known to speed metabolism up to a higher rate during and shortly after your meal. Spice it up to save and burn calories all in one punch.

*I like to make my own thermogenic blends with chili pepper, cayenne, cumin and turmeric. I put them in a separate container all mixed so I can saute or sprinkle my food whenever needed.

Protein- Adding a little protein to each meal or snack can help maintain muscle and help you build and sustain that lean core you’ve always wanted.

*Remember that protein can be found in more than just a slice of meat. Think eggs, whey, nuts and seeds to help increase your protein intake.


Coach J

P.S.  In case you missed the beginning of the article… There are other important factors that come into play when losing body fat and that is a plan including both diet, exercise and a low stress  lifestyle. It’s always good to start making healthy food choices while staying consistently active. High intensity interval training is a great way to get results fast!

Need help finding your calorie needs?


Dr. Sara Solomon- 

Juice Cleanse Review, with journal log: Earth Bar

I usually do a mild cleanse cutting caffeine and alcohol or cutting dairy or grains out for a week, a couple times a year.  This year I am trying a one day juice cleanse. I have had many questions from friends and clients about cleansing and one in particular is the juice cleanse. I honestly have never thought highly on the idea of it but to give it a fair and honest assessment, I must try it.

I researched some of the local juice shops to see what they had to offer. I found that Earth Bar had a cleanse that offers a little more product than most places and is affordable. They have two options and I chose the one with food, fiber pills and boosting shots. Here below is a list of all that is included and the order they recommend them.


Journal Log: Please feel free to skip ahead if you don’t want to see entire journal log. I bullet pointed the areas that are most important to read on. Be sure to catch them all!

5:00am- I woke up this morning excited, energized and ready for a challenge! A fridge full of goodies and looking forward to a refreshing day of cleansing!


5:30am- Total Greens with AM Pills- There is really something about the taste of liquid celery that just doesn’t do it for me. But I managed to drink almost all of it.

7:30am-  Liver cleanse juice- The liver cleanse tasted like heaven compared to the first juice. But still couldn’t finish the entire thing. It’s just SO MUCH juice!

9:30am-  Wellness Shot- I was pretty nauseated by the time I got to the shot.  I took one sip of the wellness shot and it immediately had me feeling better. It is extremely spicy and sour so I was only able to finish about half of it.

1130am Veggie Power-

  • Four juices in…Well, I can’t follow a recipe to save my life but I did what I felt I had to do to make me not feel sick. I had just got doing some of the following exercises (below) and really felt weak and exhausted. Keep in mind these were really light exercises that they recommend you do to help with cleanse. Anyway, I blended 1/2 the juice with 1/2 cup of greek yogurt. The protein helped me so much but I know I broke the cleanse already. Oh well, keep going.

*Side Notes added in, Activity for the day:Walked 10 minutes in early A.M,Then 20 minutes before noon,Yoga for 20 minutes.Then, I did an addition 30 minutes of walking but spread out throughout the afternoon and evening.

1230pm: Next is E3 Live Shot – This is weird tasting but surprisingly enjoyable. I liked how it wasn’t sweet and didn’t taste like a liquid vegetable either. THis was the first thing I actually was able to finish all of. Earthshot

130pm: Vegan wrap -or what I made instead-

  • They offer a wrap for you but instead I opted for another juice that I can just enjoy tomorrow and help with the transitioning period. Instead of the wrap, I made a veggie patty made from garbanzo beans and vegetables and ate that with mushrooms, sprouts and dijon spicy mustard. Light and refreshing and didn’t include a tortilla which is why I skipped the Earth Bar wrap option.

230pm: Citrus cleanse- This one tasted the best and and was light and refreshing. I could only drink about half of it though before I felt bloated full of liquid.  So I put the other half back in the fridge with the rest of the unfinished business.

330pm: Almond Milk- Oh wow delicious. Seriously so good and worth trying if you only go for one item at Earth Bar. I still can’t finish it though. . .

430pm: Yellow Jacket-

  • 7 juices in…Dread crept in… I just couldn’t fathom the idea of drinking another juice. I decided here that I am not going to force the next two juices down if it’s going to make me sick.

Yes I admit, I threw in the towel. But I kept myself in check!

  • In this case, I decide to have a snack/meal that is vegan, low calorie and still nurtritious. I had a portioned size bag of trail mix,12 slices of seaweed and 1 cup of brussel sprouts drizzled in vinegar for dinner. After I ate, I felt like a new woman!
  • The one day didn’t go as planned but I have 3 more juices left and a few leftovers for tomorrow. All in all the cleanse will just continue into another day but with less juice. Cheers to day two!

*Side Notes: I also sat in a hot sauna for 10 minutes after one of my walks. I took a salt bath after hot sauna to help with detox and used a couple of lavender oil drops to help with soothing any stress or tension.

Journal Log Continued Day 2:

530-630am: Lemon greens- Just forced it down.

830-930am: Citrus Cleanse-


This was my favorite from yesterday and I had half left. It was a delicious snack on a work break! Thumbs up to citrus cleanse.

1030am: Wellness shot- I also had half left from yesterday. I loved these shots; they ease any hunger pains and boost my energy instantly!

1130am: Veggie power juice that I turned into smoothie– I blended this with ice, blueberries and 1/2  cup of the greek yogurt that I didn’t use yesterday. This again was perfect! Adding that extra protein made me feel 100% better. 

1230-130pm: Vegan meal- I had the exact same thing as yesterday in place of the vegan wrap.

330pm: Trail mix with sweet potato- THat’s right I am over the juice.  

*The Gimme Greens  and Yellow Jacket juices were sent to work with my boyfriend because sharing is caring!

530pm: Vegan dinner- Had same as last night.

730pm: Almond Milk:


Delish! Again, I highly recommend trying this.

Activity for Day:  Walking 10-20 minutes at a time totaling 60 minutes. Didn’t have much energy for more than that.

  • Conclusion: Positive Notes: It was a challenge and I like challenges. I like them more when I fully succeed at them but I am not mad about turning my one day cleanse into two. There were a few drinks that you can see in my journal log that I thought really tasted good and gave me bursts of energy (Citrus Cleanse, Almond Milk and the two shots).
  • On the downfall though, I actually have cravings for things I don’t normally have cravings for like… fries! It was mentally challenging, physically challenging and way to much juice and sugar for me. Things like mental clarity and energy were also highly lacking.
  • A response to the question that I know some of you are asking. Well you didn’t do the cleanse exactly how you were supposed too. If you would do the one day cleanse as is, would you have gotten a good results? . . .Probably not, at least not much different of a feeling than I got after my two days of cleansing. Lets think about it, you are drinking juices all day. Spiking your blood sugar over and over and over. You will feel many highs and lows like I did. Bursts of energy then fatigue, fine then nauseated, happy then grumpy. You are only doing it for one day so you won’t have time to get used to it anyway. I believe that cleansing your body needs to be a gradual, gentle process and be done with healthy eating that you do consistently for a long time. I did this cleanse to be able to say that I’ve tried it. I really did give it my all and I was hoping that it would prove me wrong! But it’s not for me.
  • I would like to note, I am not saying anything bad about Earth Bar. I actually love their juice shop. They have great smoothies and fruit bowls. I continue to go back for the ginger shots and love the clean friendly atmosphere. They sometimes offer a free coffee with purchase in the mornings during the week which is an added bonus. I do recommend you at least walk in and check out their shop. They have so many healthy items to choose from that could suit your needs.


I hope this helped you with any future decisions on a juice cleanse.



Thanksgiving Holiday Helpers to Avoid Diet Distruction

Hello Just Fit clients and Nutritious Gossip Readers!  I love you all and care deeply about your results, therefore I want to help you have a joyful Thanksgiving without ruining all of your hard work. I promise I’m not trying to be an evil trainer and make you suffer over the holidays:) Feel free to enjoy a piece of pie and/or glass of wine …Fill up on turkey and all festive items. That won’t be what undoes your diet, It’s overdoing all of the above and going back for second and thirds because you filled up with the wrong foods. These suggestions below are simply ideas for you, not strict rules that I am forcing on you, but try to keep them in mind on your vacation and I think I you will be glad you did!

Justine’s tips to a successful weight-gain free Thanksgiving!

1. Start your morning off with a walk, jog or weight lifting session. It will boost your metabolism, burn calories and clear your mind for all the food decisions you will have to make today.
2. Make a breakfast or brunch festive smoothie- packed with healthy protein, fiber and fat.
Pumpkin Yum yum smoothie!
2-3 Tbsp pumpkin puree
1 Tbsp almond butter
8 oz of almond, coconut or soy milk
1 frozen banana
Dash of cinnamon, nutmeg, and stevia
1/4 tsp of vanilla
Blend and enjoy and share
3. Continue to eat regular snacks and meals throughout the day to keep your metabolism going. Doing so will also help keep blood sugar steady so you don’t arrive to your Turkey dinner ready to devour everything in site.
4. Dress nice! If you feel confident you will eat confident;)
5. If you are going to a party that you don’t know whats on the menu, take a healthy vegetable dish that you know whats in it. Fill your plate to the brim with it before digging in to the rest of the food. Feeling up on healthy fiber and nutrients will leave less room in the belly for all the unhealthy menu items. Here are some suggestions and recipes to go with it.
  • Asparagus-
I suggest swaping out the sugar with stevia or other natural low glycemic sugar.
  • Brussel sprouts
-drizzle with sesame or olive oil, and season with your favorite spices.
  • Mushrooms
(I highly recommend using gluten free bread or crackers for the bread ingredients:)
6. If you love LOVE love thanksgiving desserts her are a few ways to dodge a pie disaster. Take your own snacks, like Lara Bars!
  • If you love pumpkin pie or lemon desserts plan ahead and get a few Lara Bars- they have a pumpkin and lemon flavored bar that could curb your craving and keep you from going back for a second slice. THey are all natural and made with fruit, nuts and seeds.
  • Banana Bread addict? This recipe is for you! Take your own to the party and you will know exactly whats going in your body.
Well thats my list of helpers. I don’t think thats extreme by any means and there really is no saying no here. You are just making healthy swaps to better fit your healthy lifestyle. Try these Thanksgiving day helpers and let me know how it goes for you!
Peace and Love,
Coach J

Fabletics Fitness Gear Review

Fit Gear Review- Fabletic’s

I may ramble on about this one but there is a little more to this place than meets the eye. Other than the fact that they will reel you in and you will probably spend more than you like there, Fabletic’s stuff is pretty good! The other thing is it’s affordable (if you can control yourself).

Jennifer Hudson’s clothing line, Fabletics is designed for you to wear stylish fitness clothing and be able to do it affordably. To get the VIP perks and the discounted rates you have to become a member. Along with that you have to keep an eye on your account. Every month on the fifth they take $50 from your account and you can choose to save it, skip a month or use that credit. You can buy other stuff separately but most likely you will end up spending that 50 every month and maybe then some.

Just a heads if you decide this isn’t for you  and go to cancel, be ready to stand your ground. They will offer you points and MAKE you want to stay. Believe me, it took three times of me calling to lock in my cancellation. If you love the clothes though and 50 dollars a month on fitness clothing isn’t a problem than you found your spot. For me I wanted the freedom to shop everywhere and I felt like I could only shop at Fabletics since I was already spending money there. Anyway here is what I can tell you about a few of their fitness attire items I’ve tried:

Vaasa Sports Bra: Mulberry Color. The color is not what it appears on the screen but its still pretty:) Just more of a darker pink like fuscia. This is a very light support bra and I love it for when I am training clients or . But running and jumping is out of question.

Nadi Legging: Camo color. This has been an amazing purchase. I love the way they hug my legs. Even when I’ve worn them awhile they keep there shape. The camo is fun and stylish and I get compliments on them every time I wear them.

Twist back top: I purchased a long sleeve shirt thats reversible and twists in either the front or back depending on mood. Last I checked it was out of stock or discontinued. I really like the look of this shirt. It’s sexy and light-weight. I can wear it with sports clothes or with jeans. Bad news is every time I wash it, it changes shape slightly (like most cotton items:)

All in all Fabletics is worth trying and I hope this helps with your next Fitness Gear Purchase!!

Peace out,


P.S: I thought this would be a helpful topic for people shopping for fitness clothes and gear since I pretty much live in it. I am a personal trainer and when I’m not training I am most likely exercising on my own. I thought I might be the right person to share my opinions on all the different fitness gear, clothing, equipment etc that I’ve tried. Stay tuned to here more about other brands and products I’ve used.