About Justine


Nutritious Gossip is here to help you live a healthy plant-based life, show you where to eat and go for vegan vacations, and provide you with easy fitness tips along the way.

Information about Justine:


Personal Fitness Trainer and Yoga Instructor. Owner of JustFit Los Angeles

Blog Intention:

I started this blog with the intention to learn more about health and fitness for my own practice and also help people look at a healthy lifestyle in a fun and positive way. I believe plant-based is our future! It will save our planet, help us live longer healthier lives, and let our animal friends enjoy their life on earth as we get too. The more healthy and happy vegans we have on this planet, the better our world will be!

Favorite Healthy Restaurant in L.A:

Gratitude Cafe in Larchmont (check out their acai bowl) and Gracias Madre in West Hollywood. I eat a plant-based diet so finding places that have delicious, healthy, vegan options are where I like to eat!

Favorite Exercise:

Pilates and resistance band exercises are my favorites.

Favorite Meal:

Breakfast and it is usually my largest meal. I start with oatmeal and try to change up the toppings daily to get wide variety nutrients. My recent favorite is banana, flaxseed or hempseed with cinnamon and stevia.  If I’m really hungry I’ll make a turmeric latte also!

I hope this helped with getting to know me a little better and why I love fitness and vegan nutrition so much.

Thank you for reading!

Send me questions or comments and have a happy and healthy day. Please tune into Nutritious Gossip for fun, healthy and nutritious information!