A Quick Vegan Weekend in Kansas City, MO

We stayed at the Intercontinental on the Plaza along the river. This hotel is situated in what I think is the most beautiful neighborhood/area in KC. The area is clean and has an amazing shopping district. This weekend was a quick weekend in Kansas City. Just Friday night through Sunday morning, but we managed to squeeze in plenty of good vegan food and fun 🙂

I hate to say anything bad about a restaurant but we received below-average food at the first restaurant we picked in KC. The order was missing half of what it was supposed too. I was too tired and hungry after traveling to fight it so I ate what was there, had a glass of vino, and went to bed! Skip True Food Kitchen when in KC (or L.A.) and head to any of the other vegan restaurants I’ve listed below. Don’t worry that was the only bad review of the trip.

Saturday morning was a light breakfast of oats and fruit, then I hit the gym for about 45 min and sat in the sauna for 10. Anyone else get really excited when they find out their hotel has a hot sauna?!

Blue Bird Bistro: This restaurant is very cozy and an ideal spot for breakfast or lunch. This restaurant and the friendly people gave a good vibe to start the day with. We chose to sit outside and enjoy the nice weather and take in the artsy feel of the up and coming neighborhood. The employees here were very kind and inviting and the menu had options for vegans and non-vegans.

A little walk at Penn Park while hubby skate-boards. Then off to downtown KC – MO.

Opera House: We found this cute spot to grab coffee for Luke and white wine for me! It’s located right near the City Market. You can sit outside and people watch.

We were going to take the trolley around the Market but they don’t allow doggies so keep that in mind if traveling with your fur baby:(

Whole Foods: Pit stop for healthy snacks and peanut butter for our dog Kona. Speaking of Kona, it’s her birthday! Our sweet girl Kona turned 3 years old and we were on a mission to spoil her next. What I really wanted to spoil Kona with was a cookie or treat for her bday.

Three Dog Bakery: We found the perfect spot for that birthday treat. They make delicious homemade treats and are happy to answer the many questions I had about the ingredients. The treats are sugar-free and all-natural which is right up my alley for how I feed Kona. Look at her cute little birthday cupcake!


Char Bar: Since KC is known for bbq we wanted to find a spot that offered vegan bbq and where we could sit outside. This place was happening. Their patio turned out to be a perfect outdoor spot for dinner and drinks.  They also have lawn games for and tv’s for entertainment. I highly recommend this place if you want to try KC bbq – vegan style!

Sunday morning already! We headed to Crossroads, a small district in downtown KC. When you arrive in Crossroads it immediately feels like a hipster town, with cool old bldgs, cute shops and restaurants, and a good hub for young artists to live and work.

Cafe Gratitude: This is a regular spot I go to for great vegan food in Los Angeles. When we saw this on our way out of town we figured we might as well get something healthy, wholesome, and delicious for the road. It never disappoints!

Goodbye, for now, Kansas City. I have a long list of vegan restaurants to try on my return. We are now off to cruise around the town and head to Wichita for family time. That concludes our quick vegan weekend in Kansas City, MO.

If the restaurants we hit didn’t speak to you check out this list of other Kansas City vegan-friendly restaurant options below!

Other Vegan restaurants: (or with vegan options)
Peaceful Pig
Mud Pie
Jerusalem Cafe
Lulu’s Thai Noodle Shop
Pirates Bone

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