A Quick Vegan Weekend in Kansas City, MO

We stayed at the Intercontinental on the Plaza along the river. This hotel is situated in what I think is the most beautiful neighborhood/area in KC. The area is clean and has an amazing shopping district. This weekend is a quick weekend in Kansas City. Just Friday night through Sunday morning, but we managed to […]

Houston and Austin Vegan Style!

This was me and Kona’s (my dog) first adventure by ourselves and we sure as hell kicked its butt! Kona was an angel. I highly recommend traveling with your dog. It makes for such a fun adventure and they would much rather be with you than stuck with a sitter. If you are vegan or […]

Justine’s Nutritious Green Juice

Justine’s nutritious green juice is a blender made juice with all the fiber and nutrients packed into one big glass! I like to blend my fruits and vegetables instead of juicing so it keeps the fiber and makes me feel full. Do you ever wonder what the big deal is with green juice? Well, it helps […]