Waist Measurement

Foods to Lose Belly Fat

Let’s discuss the idea of how eating certain foods gives you a smaller waist. I see headlines and articles and books about it everywhere. I’m guilty like many of you, thinking every article may be the answer to the perfect body. Unfortunately though, we have to remind ourselves that our bodies just don’t work like that. It […]

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Woman about to drink a green smoothie.

Foods for Energy

Do you ever feel like caffeine just isn’t cutting it. The bad news with caffeine is that your body actually gets used to it and sometimes it won’t give you the lasting energy you need. Eating the right foods and at the right times may help with energy levels and even your metabolism. Take a […]

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Yoga and Yoga Therapy Health Benefits

Yoga and yoga therapy health benefits are unending, but I’ll share the most important reasons why its attracting people of all ages and all health ranges. What is Yoga? Yoga is a spiritual and asctetic discipline, focused on breath control, simple meditation and body postures. All used for health benefits and relaxation of the mind and […]

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